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Advanced Graphite Machining You Can Count On 

Graphite machining is an important part of cutting, shaping, and forming graphite material to produce a wide selection of components and parts for industrial applications. For the process to be successful, you have to prevent chipping and breakouts. This is where Weaver Industries comes in.

We have well-developed CNC machining and quality assurance practices that ensure exceptional graphite machining of parts that are fully customized for your unique application. We’re also ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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Machining Graphite is Our Specialty: Why Choose Weaver?

Superior Capabilities

We offer a wide range of graphite machinery and mining capabilities, including milling, sanding, grinding, coring, and drilling. Also, we have in-house programming and drawing capabilities. This allows us to achieve top industry machining tolerances.

High-Quality Machining

Our machinists are knowledgeable about graphite and its properties to every part they craft. Whether it’s milling, drilling, cutting, or forming, you can trust that our skilled operators and advanced machines will perform with the utmost accuracy and speed.

Unmatched Customer Service

Even with the best technology, you still need the right people to deliver quality products. At Weaver Industries, we have a highly-skilled and effective staff that ensures you receive premium products at cost-competitive pricing.

On-Time, Safe Delivery

Nothing is worse than late deliveries and receiving damaged parts. Our graphite machining company has built a reputation for meeting deadlines. We also have an in-house custom packaging and shipping department that ensures your parts are well-packaged.

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As one of the best graphite machining companies since 1954, Weaver Industries has set the standard for versatility in the graphite-machining industry. We have access to all graphite manufacturers worldwide. From 5-axis CNC milling and sawing to sanding and grinding capabilities, to the steel and aerospace industries, we’ve got you covered.

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We will buy your scrap, offal, or old remnant graphite. Contact Us For a Quote Today.

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