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Graphite & Custom CNC Machining

Are you looking for high-quality CNC graphite machining for your industrial operation? At Weaver Industries, we have the specialized equipment and expertise to execute even the tightest tolerances in the graphite machining process. This allows us to create durable carbon-based parts for various applications. We use advanced computer numerical control (CNC) technology to ensure that your parts are crafted to your exact specifications with precision.

We work with only the top graphite manufacturers in the world to ensure that your custom parts will outlast the competition and provide superior performance for even the toughest jobs. In addition, our team is highly trained and certified to ensure that your job is done right. If you need custom graphite machining, contact us today for a quote.

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Urethane Molding & Molded Urethane Parts

Urethane offers a wide range of applications in industrial operations, as it is durable, abrasion and chemical resistant, flexible, and can be customized to your exact specifications. At Weaver Industries, we can help you design and create high-performance components using custom urethane molds. Our team has the experience to customize the weight, color, hardness, and shape of your urethane parts. This ensures that they are an exact fit for your needs. We use only the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art urethane molding technology for accuracy and precision. If you have a urethane molded product in mind for your operation, contact us today to submit a design or learn more about how our process works.

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Sustainable Graphite Electrode Machining & Recycling

Are you looking for high-quality graphite machining or repair? At Weaver Industries, we offer all the services you need to get durable graphite electrodes that power your equipment. We can create electrodes for any application or industry. We can also customize our services to your needs. Our electrodes offer exceptional performance and meet the most rigorous safety standards. This includes machined graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces that meet NEMA standards.

In addition to our graphite electrode machining services, we also offer electrode repair and recycling. Graphite electrodes require difficult-to-source materials and can be costly to produce. However, when you partner with Weaver Industries, we can help you reduce costs and make your business more sustainable with our expert graphite electrode repair & graphite electrode recycling services. If you need custom graphite electrodes or steel mill electrodes, contact us today for a free quote.

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Premium Blown Glass Art Tools & Equipment

Did you know that we offer more than just industry-leading graphite & urethane parts? At Weaver Industries, we also offer exceptional blown glass art tools and equipment so that you can create beautiful masterpieces. Our graphite glass art tools are designed for individuals of all skill levels. This allows you to practice your glass artistry with ease.

Our graphite glass art tools are perfect for lamp making, sculptures, and so much more. We can create marble molds, optic molds, shaping and forming tools, and any other tool you need to continue your passion. We can even create custom blown-glass molds for large-scale commercial spaces or pieces for industrial use. The possibilities are endless when you choose our graphite-blown glass tools. Contact us today to learn more about all the blown-glass-making tools we offer.

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