Professional Custom Urethane Molding Products and Services

Why Weaver?

  • Urethane customized to your needs, from mold manufacturing and prototyping to production runs and final product
  • Design assistance by highly skilled staff
  • Durometers ranging from 30 Shore “A” (soft) to 80 Shore “D” (hard)
  • Variety of pigments to produce a broad range of colors
  • New formula development or basic formula adaptation to exact specifications
  • We can strip and recoat worn parts, bond to metal, grind to tight tolerances, and work from existing tooling.

Let the experts at Weaver Industries provide you with exceptional urethane molding products and services.

Find Custom Urethane Molding and Pigment Solutions

Urethane outperforms many materials in today’s industrial and consumer manufacturing markets. It’s the perfect substitute for metal, rubber, and other plastics. Urethane is the ideal choice for manufacturing applications that are repetitious, time-consuming, or labor intensive. 

The professionals at Weaver Industries are available to help you with your custom urethane requests. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote today.

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Trust in a Durable Product

High-wear polyurethane products are long-lasting, lightweight, and incredibly strong. Urethane outperforms and outlasts other materials. That’s because it resists acid, abuse, oil, and abrasion.

Urethane also absorbs vibration and shock. It can also significantly reduce your replacement costs. It’s an excellent option for farming, automotive, and railroad industries. 

How Our Process Works

Step One: Contact Us

Request a quote by filling out our online contact form. You can also call us at 717-336-7507. 

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We’ll get started on your customized quote for urethane molding. 

Step Three: We Make Your Product

You’ll be impressed with the exceptional results we can create for you. 

Why Partner With Weaver Industries

At Weaver Industries, we aim to serve your needs and exceed your expectations. Our professionals are happy to fulfill all your project requirements, no matter what they are. 

Our company has been family owned and operated since 1954. Throughout the years, we’ve kept pace with new technologies and equipment. As a result, we can continually provide our customers with high-quality products at cost-effective pricing.

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Contact us to request a quote for custom urethane molding products and services. 

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We will buy your scrap, offal, or old remnant graphite. Contact Us For a Quote Today.

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