The Striking Advantages of Weaver Action Mallets

Our urethane mallets consistently outperform and provide many advantages over metal, rawhide and rubber mallets. Credit the mallet’s soft head, which can be safely used on almost every material including steel, iron, wood, brass, aluminum and other soft metals.

A Weaver Action Mallet:

Virtually eliminates sparking or marking. With no scarring, denting or marring, there’s less material wasted in costly scrap, and you get a better quality product. Perfect for working with wood or soft materials that easily mark.

Delivers ergonomic benefits and protects the operator from rebound or impact sting. The Action Mallet’s softness is a safety feature and also a preventative. It hugs the surface with each blow, to minimize any tendency for kick-back.

Promotes Efficiency. With no rebound, fewer motions are required which cuts production time and conserves the operator’s energy. Lost motion is minimal.

Dampens sound. The urethane head deadens noise for an improved working environment leading to better morale and productivity.

Won’t chip or splinter. Our Action Mallet heads provide a solid impact on light and heavy blows, without the rigidity of other types of materials. Urethane gives our mallets more durability per blow. For all their soft structure, Weaver Industries’ Action Mallet heads are tough.

Functions longer. A Weaver Action Mallet will be around for a long time due to its sturdy urethane manufacturing and construction and its resistance to oil and petrochemicals.

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