Urethane Advantages and Benefits

Urethane VS Rubber:

  • Abrasion resistant – Urethane is very resistant to cuts and tears.
  • Bears heavy loads – Urethane can bear extreme weight without losing shape.
  • Versatility in hardness – We can provide 30 shore “A” (soft) to 80 shore “D” (hard).
  • Resistant to sunlight and weather
  • Accepts Pigmentation – Urethane is available in grades that are completely clear, but it also accepts a wide variety of pigments making it easy to color-code your components.

Urethane VS Metal:

  • Lighter weight – Lower weight means cheaper operation and easier handling.
  • Less noise – Polyurethane absorbs vibration and dampens noise, whereas metal generates noise.
  • Better wear – Urethane has terrific resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Cost effective – Urethane casting is cheaper. Welding and machining of metal parts can be time consuming and expensive.

Urethane VS Plastic

  • Memory – Urethane will return to its original shape when stretched.
  • Cracking – Urethane won’t crack and break under impact and shock like other plastics.
  • Resilience – Urethane has outstanding wear, abrasion and impact properties allowing for longer life.
  • Versatility in hardness – Urethane is available in a wide range of durometers.
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