Graphite Machining and Molding Services Across All Industries

At Weaver Industries, we offer graphite machining and urethane molding for a wide range of industries

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Do you need durable custom graphite parts and urethane parts for your operation? At Weaver Industries, we work with operations of all sizes to produce graphite, urethane, and electrode parts for a wide range of industries. 

Some of the industries we serve include the aerospace industry, farming industry, heat treating industry, metallurgical and foundry industry, and more. With more than 60 years of experience, we offer full-service graphite and urethane part design, manufacturing, and repair and can tailor a unique solution for you. Contact us today for a quote. 

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Example Industries Served by Weaver Industries


Weaver Industries serves the aerospace industry by supplying high quality custom machined graphite products. We have machined aircraft brake pads, heat shields, entrance cones and many more parts made to our customers demanding needs. Additionally, our graphite machining processes, and tight tolerances allow our customers to know that the parts they purchase will meet or exceed their expectations. The aerospace industry’s increased demand for creative, detailed, and intricate material applications can be met through our graphite, carbon and carbon/carbon machining processes. Our quality management systems focus our processes to meet the industries demands and exceed our customer’s needs.

Heat Treating

Weaver Industries provides graphite components for heat treaters of all applications and industries. From susceptors, furnace liners, hearth bars and supports, to bolts and screws, our graphite machining will deliver the highest quality product at competitive pricing. Our certified graphite will ensure that your product will provide protection from external influence, allow for uniform heating, and avoid overheating.


Weaver Industries provides a wide range of graphite products custom machined for the metallurgical/foundry industry. Graphite crucibles, molds, and pouring spouts will not only resist the extreme temperatures reached in foundry operations due to a much higher melting point but are also chemical and thermal-shock resistant. Providing service to the metallurgical and foundry industries for over 65 years has allowed us to understand and work with our customers to meet their most demanding needs.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier, Weaver Industries provides graphite machining services that are utilized in the aluminum, electronics, glass, mechanical, quartz, solar, and steel industries. From large to small and prototype to production run, our versatile graphite machining services will exceed your business’ needs and expectations. Let Weaver Industries’ experience work for you, machining custom components that are inspected to top industry tolerances and sold with the application-based knowledge, care, and attention to detail to provide the utmost value to your company. 

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If you need graphite and urethane parts for your operation, you can count on the reliable team at Weaver Industries. Contact us today for a quote on all our machining and molding services. 

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