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Machined graphite is renowned for its versatility, strength, and durability, making it an ideal material for crafting a wide range of common graphite products. At Weaver Industries, we specialize in delivering high-quality, custom machined graphite items, designed to meet the unique needs of various applications. Whether you’re in search of custom graphite solutions or CNC-machined graphite components, the possibilities are limitless.

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Materials In Stock

Below is an example list of items that Weaver Industries keeps in inventory to expedite your turnaround times:

  • Synthetic graphite (rounds, rods and blocks)
    • Electrode Grade (electrodes, blocks, plates)
    • Medium Grain (~.030” Grain size)
    • Fine Grain (~.008” Grain size)
    • Super Fine Grain (5 micron grain size)
    • Anti-Oxidation treated
    • Phenolic impregnated
    • Metal impregnated
    • Purified (pure to 5 ppm)
  • Graphite tubes (all grain sizes)
  • Graphite dust and chunks
  • Carbon (rounds and blocks)
  • Carbon composites (chopped fiber, long strand, 3D and 4D woven)
  • Graphite and carbon felts
  • Graphite and carbon insulation
  • Graphite foil
  • Treated and non-treated flux tubes
  • Porous graphite and carbon

Understanding Common Graphite Products

Machined graphite takes graphite from its raw form and transforms it into precision-crafted products through advanced CNC graphite technology. The result is a diverse array of common graphite items, each tailored to provide consistent, precise performance across numerous industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Common Machined Graphite Products

Common machined graphite products are highly adaptable and built to last. They not only meet exact specifications but also ensure long-term durability, guaranteeing exceptional value for every use. From aerospace to electronics and beyond, these products find application across various sectors.

Advantages of Graphite

Common Graphite Products and Their Applications

Explore the world of common graphite products and their vital roles across a range of industries:

  1. Aerospace
    Sky-high demands meet their match. Machined graphite components, such as tough brake pads and protective heat shields, ensure aircraft safety and resilience against wear and tear.
  2. Aluminum
    Heat? No problem. Graphite’s ability to withstand high temperatures makes it perfect for use in aluminum molds and impellers, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Electronics
    Reliable tech starts here. The fast-paced electronics industry relies on graphite for precision-crafted components, ensuring both durability and accuracy, whether it’s grids for ion beams or intricate laser parts.
  4. Glass
    In the realm of glass, graphite shines by providing strength and precision for crafting art or large-scale production projects. Graphite glass tools and graphite glass blowing tools are used by artisans across the globe.
  5. Heat Treating
    In the most blistering conditions, graphite tools remain sturdy and reliable, serving critical functions such as heating elements and protective insulation.
  6. Mechanical
    Machines love graphite. Graphite bearings and seals play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of machinery, enhancing equipment performance.
  7. Metallurgical & Foundry
    Performance at its peak. The demanding processes in metallurgy and foundry industries benefit from the strength and reliability of graphite, used in crucibles and furnace linings.
  8. Quartz
    Graphite ensures precision and toughness in the world of quartz, whether used in detailed electrodes or durable tooling.
  9. Semiconductor, Crystal Growing & Solar
    As technology advances, graphite remains a durable choice for heaters, trays, and other essential components in these forward-looking industries.
  10. Steel
    In steel operations, where strength is paramount, graphite plays a vital role in supporting breast blocks and sealing doors.

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Why Choose Weaver Industries

Weaver Industries is not just another name in the industry. With decades of trust and expertise, we are committed to delivering top-tier graphite products. We collaborate with world-class graphite manufacturers to ensure that you receive unparalleled quality and dependable solutions for all your graphite needs.

When you think about common machined graphite products, think Weaver Industries. We are here to ensure you get the best, no matter the industry or application.

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