We Make The Most Immaculate Glass Art Tools For Artisans

Weaver Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality glass art tools and glass blowing molds. 

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High-Quality Graphite Glass Art Tools

It’s no secret that Weaver Industries is a dominant entity in the glass art industry. That’s because we manufacture the most immaculate glass art tools on the market. We design and create graphite glass tools and graphite glass blowing tools for artisans nationwide.

Our methods encompass all of glass artistry, such as lampworking, blowing, and more. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or are an experienced glass artisan, Weaver Industries can assist you. 

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A Comprehensive List of Glass Art Tools

We work closely with glass artists to design, perfect, and ensure the highest quality glass art tools and glass blowing molds available on the market. Weaver Industries is the maker of a comprehensive line of graphite glass art tools including:

Weaver Industries - Serving glass artists with fine glass art tools
  • “The Perfect Tool” Lampworking Torch-Mounted System—With a wide selection of interchangeable accessories 
  • The “VinPin” Line of Implosion Tools
  • 3-D Press Molds—If we do not have them, we can make them
  • Optic Molds—An unbeatable selection
  • Marble Molds—Incomparable quality
  • Lampworking Kits—For the beginner to the advanced artisan.
  • Graphite Tools – From reamers to mashers to ring sizers, and more.
  • Plate and Rod Stock
  • Shaping and Forming Tools
  • Custom Tools and Molds—Made to your design, large or small, the options are limited only by your imagination.
  • And many, many more.

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Since 2006, glass artists from all over the country have been shopping our online store for their glass art tools and molds. Beginners and skilled artisans alike know they can trust our products, whether from our line of inventory or custom-made for their unique purpose. Our tools are used across the country in all methods of glass artistry including lampworking, blowing, hot shop work, and more. Our expert craftsmen design, perfect, and ensure the highest quality graphite glass art tools available in the marketplace.

We are a top-rated eBay seller recognized for consistently delivering outstanding customer service. 

If you’re searching online for glass art tool and molds, you’ve come to the right place. Our online store of glass art supplies has an inventory of pieces ready to ship to you!

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Consider Weaver For Your Next Project

Contact us today to discuss your glass art tool needs. We are constantly adding new tools to our catalog, so please be sure to visit our distributors and our eBay store regularly.

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About Weaver Industries

Weaver Industries was first founded in 1954, providing the perfect graphite and urethane parts since. Over the course of three generations, Weaver worked tirelessly to become an industry leader in glass shaping tools. We ensure that you will receive the highest quality materials when you need them – at affordable prices. 

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Contact Us today to discuss your glass art tool needs. We consistently add new tools to our catalog, so please be sure to visit our distributors and our ebay store regularly.

We will buy your scrap, offal, or old remnant graphite. Contact Us For a Quote Today.

Family owned and operated since 1954. Shaping your needs for over 70 years.

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